Rev. Leo A. LeBlanc



Whether it comes from Matthew or Luke, or Johns sublime poetry of the Word Incarnate, we know the Christmas story all too well.   The danger is that the Christmas event loses its ability to excite our sensibilities or incite us to love.  Yet this true tale is unparalleled in the beauty and power it possesses.

Jesus is Incarnation. He is in the flesh, one of us, rooted in humanity, incarnate in time and space.

Jesus is the tremendous Sign of Gods love which is ongoing- The Word became flesh, the Spoken materializing.

That is all well and good.  But doesnt such a mystery demand probing, study, reflection, marvel and response?

We sometimes wonder what difference Christs coming is making in the world.  We can point to much that is positive:  the love God showered upon the world and the love with which we try to reciprocate.  Jesus is the first and most excellent Christmas gift.  Our lives and what we make of them are the gifts we give to God.   Yet there remains much to be accomplished in conquering sin and evil and in promoting universal justice.

In our own lives I believe we can be gifts in response to Christ and the giftedness the good Lord has endowed us with.   As Catholics practicing the Faith, we are in a real sense called to extend the Incarnation.

In our worldwide fellowship belief and caring, we stretch out the bonds of peace and understanding. In our mastery of interpersonal living skills and in protecting the environment, we become better stewards of creation. In developing our artistic, musical, mechanical, intellectual, or athletic talents, we grow in our ability to shape and enrich our Church family and wider community.

In giving God a proper and prominent place in our daily life (prayer), in a life of virtue and service, and in our associations and fellowship with other believers, we give flesh to the One who has come into our midst to make a difference. We enflesh whats right and good about our world.

Our involvement in Catholic scouting in this incomparable youth ministry, offers us a golden opportunity to make Christ real, but also to encounter Him in the ones we serve and serve with.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year,

                                                                   Fraternally in Christ,


                                                                   Rev. Leo A. LeBlanc

                                                ICCS  World Ecclesiastical Assistant



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